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We have been providing high quality and cost effective printed circuit boards since 1996. We are ranked among India’s leading PCB manufacturers and are well known for using state of the art technology.

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At the heart of every electronic product is a PCB(Printed Circuit Board). The product’s performance and its life depend hugely on the quality and reliability of the PCB. Which is why at Circuit Electronics, our uncompromising commitment to quality ensures that each PCB leaving our factory gates is flawless.

We are a leading company engaged in production and supply of a variety of superior quality printed circuit boards. We believe in providing our clients with quality products for various electronic applications worldwide.

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Single Side PCB


XPC, FR1, FR2, CEM1, CEM3, FR4


Lacquer, Roller Tining Finish,HASL, Lead FREE HASL Immersion Tin, Nickel Plating.


Double Side PCB


CEM3, FR4, High Tg FR4.


Lacquer, HASL, Lead FREE HASL Immersion Tin, Nickel Plating.


Metal Clad


Aluminum Based Copper Clad Laminate 1.00 mm and 1.5mm Thikness.


Lacquer, HASL, Lead FREE HASL.


PCB Assembling

PCB with components mounted on is called an assembled PCB and the manufacturing process is called PCB assembly or PCB A for short.



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