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Engineering is one of the most critical processes in PCB manufacturing. The engineering works closely with the manufacturing engineer throughout the product life cycle.

Circuit electronics has dedicated and experienced engineers who are well equipped to handle convoluted and intricate design from customers (by provided customers) by also keeping in mind concept of production systemtechnical specification )/(the plant’s features/ capability ),

Concerned with ensuring that the products can made cost effectively and efficiently

Circuit electronics also involved works reverse engineering, PCB layout from schematic. We work to used design software on/in cadence, cam 350, u cam, Corel.


Circuit electronics(we) has latest machineries of Giga 8888 (pluritec) automatic CNC drilling 8 heads machine and 6045 A11-25 (Indus) and multi cutter grooving (techniet) for drilling and routing and v-scoring machine, for better quality , uninterrupted performance , accuracy , high strength, high efficiency, and corrosion resistance.

The machines with drill speeds of up to 125K RPM are not only precise and efficient but also drill some of cleanest holes, small holes, blind vias and buried vias with depth control, multi –format software compatibility in the industry. It provides efficient, expedient and precise production capacity ideal for creating large quantities of items normally produced with shaping, CNC machine.





(a) Fine line track widths and spacings along with large ground planes

(b) Handling minimum 5 microns to maximum of 280 microns of copper thickness with controlled etch factor

(c) Maintaining consistant process parameters with auto dozing and automatic controls


1) High power and high resolution uniform exposure

2) Handling thin cores and fine line jobs of critical in nature (with fully automatic developing line)

(a) High power high speed exposure for better quality

(b) Very narrow solder dams

(c) High resistance to fluxes

(d) Low ionic contamination

(e) High resistance to moisture and good in nsulations

(f) State of art PISM developer

(g) Micro via hole clearance with high pressure pumps


Wet Process


Circuit Electronics has machineries fibro chem and Fiber Abrassive for PTH and Plating Process. PTH process, Panel plating is carried out followed by pattern and tin-plating process using its two Automatic plating lines. This type of Copper build-up on the panels ensures uniform copper plating on the holes and surface.

We electroplate the panel with a thin layer of copper. The exposed sections of the panel from the outer layer photo resist stage receive the copper electro-plating. Two dedicated Etching and Stripping lines are used to cater to growing volumes and high copper requirements.

Electrical Testing

Circuit Electronics used Mania Speedy Flying volume, Schenzhen East space light (ESL-608) flying probe testing machine and also bare board tester machine and Quality control department.

Flying Probe testers which depends on moving probes to test electrical performance of each net on a bare circuit board. Fpt work on speed 3000-3200 point per minutes. The pressure of probe-point can be adjusted to 5-25g which can help test fixable boards, extra thin boards and inside layers. Adopting the close-loop servo-control system, bearing imported ball-bearing screw rod and beeline guide rail, which ensures the repetitive precision can reach up to ±0.01mmm; adopting CCD for precision calibration, increased performance over the traditional probe-touch calibration method.

Flying Probe tester and Bare board tester capable of handling fine pitched double sided SMD’s/BGA’s, handling mass volume of high build boards at very high speeds, high accuracy, accepting net-lists form various formats, every track check connection by Flying Probe tester so no issues of product.

Final inspection is carried under illuminating magnifiers and micro section is evalued using micro scope and manually checking by experienced testing Engineer.


Profiling & V-Scoring


Circuit electronics (we) has latest machineries 6045 A11-25 (Indus) & multi cutter grooving (techniet) for routing & v-scoring machine, for better quality, uninterrupted performance, accuracy, high strength, high efficiency, and corrosion resistance.

Different boards are cut from the original panel. The method employed either centre on using a router or a v-groove. A router leaves small tabs along the board edges while the v- groove cuts diagonal channels along both sides of the board both ways permit the boards to easily pop out from the panel. It provides efficient, perfect shape-cutting , expedient and precise production capacity ideal for creating large quantities of items normally produced with shaping, routing machine.


Inspection of Quality Policy

Circuit electronics has all latest machineries of PCB manufacturer’s equipments. We used the A grade raw materials. We has experienced person in Design engineer and production, testing department. Our Quality policy following below:

  • Continual Improvement- We believe in constant improvement when it comes to the quality of the PCB produced, so that our customers get a better value.
  • Consistent Control- at circuit electronics, we believe in persistent control over quality so that the manufactured PCB is close to desired quality.
  • Team Work- We achieves improvement and control by the dynamics of our dedicated work force.
  • Empower our employees and enable them to directly contribute to customer satisfaction and to our company success.
  • Engineering support to quickly respond to customer queries and quotation
  • CSR or OTD (Customer satisfaction rate or On time delivery) >=100%
  • Achieving Internal yield > 97%
  • Customer Complaints less than 1%